How do you change the world?

Simple. Fulfil your purpose. Spend the majority of your time focused on fulfilling your purpose with financial freedom.

Whether you are job hunting now or simply fed-up after years on the treadmill, find practical insights to empower you to make your working life a guilty pleasure.

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Topics Covered In The Book

Putting Purpose First


What's Driving You?

Who’s in the driving seat of your working life? Belt money in the back and explore what it means for your purpose to take the wheel.


Identify Your Purpose

Everyone is created with a unique purpose and yours will be something that brings you release and freedom.


True Wealth

Explore where value comes from and consider whether you invest your time in what you value most.


Forming Vision

Turning your purpose into a vision will give a clear direction, a statement of intent, about the next chapter of your working life.


Removing Obstacles

Put faith over fear as you work through your doubts and those of others, focused on the clarity of your vision.


Creating a Role

Rather than find a job, Hack-a-do: make, patch or build a job or role that will be hugely rewarding and financially viable.

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Dissatisfied at Work


Seeking a new Job


Out of Work


Unique You

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Gaping Hole

It's not enough to ignore it or try and cover it up – a hole is a hole.

About the Author


Jon Air

Jon doesn’t like to do things the normal way. He understands the importance of asking ‘why’. Why not pursue your purpose and make money doing it?

Having been surrounded by overwhelming greed in the City of London during the early 90s, he escaped to pursue his passion, which led him to work with various charitable organisations. In finding his purpose he not only achieved financial wealth but more importantly discovered where true value comes from.

He founded Sparkol and developed VideoScribe, empowering millions to communicate more effectively. Now, working on a wide variety of projects, win or lose, rich or poor, Jon works purely to fulfil his purpose.

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